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Infrastructure Management

Managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure is LinkPro’s core business.

If you choose to come on-board with LinkPro, we won’t insist on large changes to your network straight away and we certainly don’t recommend replacing hardware for the sake of having new equipment. If what you already have is working for you, or only needs a slight upgrade, then we work with it. If we feel that any part of your IT solutions represents a risk to your business, we’ll lay out the options so that you can decide what’s best for you.

Infrastructure Maintenance

We will regularly maintain your infrastructure to ensure that it’s secure and running smoothly. This is all taken care of behind the scenes so it’s one less thing for you to worry about. In addition to managing and maintaining your hardware, we believe that supporting your staff is a fundamental part of our service. We will also train your staff on how to use our services and how to get the most out of our partnership because we know that if your staff aren’t working, then your business isn’t working either. Our customers know that we look after their business just like we do our own.

IT Account Management

Engagement at every level means you are comfortable with us and the service we provide, keeping you fully involved in the process. It’s not just about simply providing you with IT support services – at LinkPro, we see our role as integral to your success. We want your business to grow and develop and our role in that is essential. The suitability, reliability and efficiency of your systems are vital in achieving this.

Developing a personal relationship helps us to really get to know our clients and their teams. We want you to feel like we belong at the heart of your business, working alongside you and your goals.

An experienced Account Manager will meet with you at least once a month, who will be committed to getting to know you and your business. In this way we can easily provide managed IT services that deliver quality, quickly getting to solutions that are needed. Our goal is to remain pro-active ensuring that small problems don’t become big issues. 

Network Infrastructure

A good network is the backbone of any IT infrastructure so it’s important that it is designed to work around and with the needs of the business.  All businesses should have a secure and reliable network infrastructure which protects the business from external influences such as hackers, malware and viruses. 

Many businesses now use IP phones, which also use your network infrastructure. To ensure good call quality performance, it’s important that data and voice traffic is prioritised correctly across your network. 

Have you considered the impact guest wireless access can have on your network? When visitors in your office need Internet access, they shouldn’t be allowed to connect to your company network directly. This will bypass your network security and can compromise it allowing any viruses on your visitor’s computer to infect your internal systems. Instead, they should be kept isolated by your network to reduce the risk.

Whether you need switches, firewalls or site connectivity, LinkPro can provide and install a variety of different solutions to suit your needs. We work with best of breed networking hardware suppliers to enable us to provide a variety of different networking solutions for your business.

Our solutions include:

Storage Infrastructure

The storage requirements of businesses are increasing exponentially. There are many factors driving this such as the need to keep data for longer, compliancy reasons, or perhaps your current storage capacity has reached its limit. Larger and higher quality photographs, drawings, documents and databases all contribute to this and need to be stored somewhere. Therefore, it’s important to have a solution in place which can store this information reliably, and for longer periods.

On top of needing more storage, businesses are also finding that they need faster storage. With more data being stored, the need to search and find this information quickly is critical.  With businesses often having multiple systems providing different services to different parts of the company, a suitable storage solution which addresses all of these needs is important.

But, having so much data in just one place represents a significant risk. It’s important that any storage solution is protected by a suitable backup and disaster recovery solution. You may choose to back up your data to a local device or to the cloud.

LinkPro implements storage solutions on a regular basis and we have extensive experience in this area. Regardless of your data size and performance requirements we can design and implement the right storage infrastructure solution for your business which fits your requirements and your budget.

Connectivity (LAN & WAN)

Network Connectivity is an increasingly important part of the IT infrastructure of modern businesses. It is seen as one piece of the network puzzle as an ever-greater variety of networks need to connect to one another.

Connectivity is heavily relied upon to provide access to services such as email, Internet, cloud services and remote offices. Businesses must have fast and reliable connectivity to operate and communicate with suppliers and customers. Many businesses also now have multiple offices, so it’s important that the data flowing between the offices is reliable and secure. 

Choosing the right type of cabling for your needs, installing it properly and verifying compliance with required standards is one of the keys to getting the most out of your network and telecommunications investment.

Our cabling technicians can quickly and affordably cable your new offices, network multiple locations, or simply add a single network or network point to your existing infrastructure. LinkPro can provide a number of solutions such as direct site to site connections or secure, Internet based VPN solutions.


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