Data Management

Integration & Data Management: Better Together

Integration is the backbone of data management, and LinkPro got you covered here too. We provides all patterns of integration as fully managed services, allowing you to focus on your organization's core competencies while we focus on ours.

Insights are only as good as the data they're built on. Our platforms cleanse, harmonize, enrich, secure, and consolidate data coming from all corners of the enterprise. As your data repository grows on your local servers or in the cloud, so too does your organization's ability to provide consistent, quality data to applications, stakeholders, partners, and analytics.

We are able to provide this service by dividing data management into the following concept

  • Data Governance — Organization and management of data.
  • Data Structure — Definition of what the data means.
  • Data Architecture — Storage, movement and extraction of data.
  • Data Quality — Accuracy, completeness and legal compliance of data. (PoPI Act)
  • Data Security—Protection of data and the authorization to use it. (PoPI Act)

We help organisations maximise the value of their Data through:

  • Consultancy
  • System Integration
  • Bespoke Data Technologies

Data is the lifeblood of modern companies – its everywhere and  cumulatively expensive to manage. We implement solutions that help companies reduce these costs and risks.

Data volumes are  growing at an  unprecedented rate. Much of this is unstructured documents, media, emails and other content. We implement tools to help companies leverage the opportunities in Big Data.

There is huge value in understanding the relationships & connections hidden in your data. We build solutions that leverage next generation semantic, network analysis and machine learning technologies.