Network Infrastructure

A good network is the backbone of any IT Infrastructure, whether you need switches, firewalls or site connectivity, we can provide and install a variety of different solutions to suit your needs.  

Networks form the core part of any IT infrastructure so it’s important that they’re designed to around the needs of the business and are often overlooked.  All business should have a secure and reliable network infrastructure which protects the business from external influences such as hackers, malware and viruses.  Many businesses now use IP phones, which use your network infrastructure. To ensure good call quality performance, it’s important that data and voice traffic is prioritised correctly across your network.  Even something as simple as guest wireless access is often overlooked. When visitors in your office need Internet access, they shouldn’t be allowed to connect to your company network directly as this bypasses your network security and can allow any viruses on your visitor's computer to infect your internal systems. Instead, they should be kept isolated by your network to reduce the risk.

We work with best of breed networking hardware suppliers to enable us to provide a variety of different networking solutions for your business.

Our solutions include:

  • Servers
  • Network Switches
  • Firewall security products
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Routers
  • Storage Infrastructure 
Storage Infrastructure

If you have a storage solution which needs replacing, it may feel a little daunting as it’s not something you do everyday. LinkPro implements storage solutions on a regular basis and we have extensive experience in this area. We can design and implement the right storage infrastructure solution for your business.

The storage requirements of businesses are increasing exponentially. There are many factors driving this such as the need to keep data for longer for compliancy reasons, or perhaps current storage capacity has reached its limits as larger and higher quality photographs, drawings, documents and databases need to be stored.  Therefore it’s important to have a solution in place which can store this information reliably for longer periods.

As well as needing more storage, businesses are increasingly finding that they need faster storage. With more data being stored, the need to search and find this information quickly is critical.  Businesses also often have multiple systems providing different services to different parts of the company, so a suitable storage solution which addresses all of these needs is critical.

Having so much data in just one place represents a significant risk. It’s important that any storage solution is protected by a suitable backup and disaster recovery solution. You may choose to back up your data to a local device or to the cloud.

Regardless of your data size and performance requirements we can provide a solution which fits your requirements and your budget.